Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Layering 101: Corduroy

E here, corduroy was never my thing growing up, but as I got older I started to look at it differently. For a long time I had always thought of corduroy as being really dated, but then I saw other people wearing it and I changed my tune. When paired with the right pieces corduroy can look refined and polished.
The thing about corduroy is knowing what to pair it with so it doesn't end up looking too frumpy. Since corduroy is so structured, I decided to pair it with plaid and a delicate feminine scarf to create contrast. Most people think that everything needs to be matchy-matchy but I find that to be boring. Outfits are more interesting when you mix them with different prints and textures.
Thrifted items; corduroy blazer: Banana Republic $9.99 (Goodwill,) plaid button down: Indigo $4.99 (Goodwill.) Non-thrifted items; jeans: Levi's $15 (Macy's,) boots: Pink & Pepper $30 (Fred Meyer,) scarf: H&M $8, aviators: Sperry's $30 (Nordstrom Rack.)

Here I tried to keep it simple and go for a casual, laid back, layered look. It might have been sunnier here than the rest of the country, but it was still cold! When putting together layered looks, I try to go for pieces that will layer easily (in terms of movement.) I always make sure when I buy blazers or jackets that they are a size bigger so that I am still able to layer underneath them. Well that's all for now, hope my tips help. Until next time!

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