Thursday, April 24, 2014

Railroad Crossing: The Basics Of Casual Chic


E here, in today's edition I will give you my personal tips for successfully creating a "casual chic" look. [Scroll down for the details.] I hope that you're enjoying the beautiful spring weather. With the weather beginning to transition from heavy rain to sunshine, I might be able to retire the rain boots and heavier jackets for a while! It may be sunny but it's still quite chilly outside, so I bundled up in lighter layers for a casual chic look. The great thing about the shift from winter to spring weather is that you can just throw on a cardigan or blazer when leaving the house.
[My personal take on casual chic; neutrals with a pop of color, ripped jeans to make the outfit more cutting edge, heeled booties, and simple, understated jewelry to polish off the look.]
The basics of casual chic:
1.) Pick a piece to use as the foundation for the outfit, (an anchor if you will - that will tie the whole look together.)
2.) Choose a base color to serve as the focal point. (I picked navy for this outfit.) 
3.) Pick items that will go well together and compliment the colors and styles of the other pieces (this is key when creating a layered look.)
4.) Utilize style staples like a great blazer, or your favorite pair of heels.
In order to take an outfit from casual to chic, try combining these tips and don't be afraid to experiment a little. Pick a bright pop of color to enhance the overall feel of the look, and if you're feeling extra playful you can even spice up the outfit with some heels. In sum, stick with the basics, (i.e. - keep it simple,) you can build around the rest of the outfit with key accessories such as jewelry or scarves.

What I love about blazers is the fact that you can either dress up/or down any outfit according to the look that you are trying to go for. Depending on the sort of blazer that you pick, (color, cut, fit) you can create a style statement that says casual yet chic, or fun and flirty, or perhaps even cutting edge. Blazers provide a quick and easy way to add extra flair to any outfit. Here, the blazer not only adds warmth to my layered look, but also takes this "casual" outfit up a notch to that of a more polished "casual chic" look. The rich hue of the navy draws the eye; adding a pop of color to the overall look, ands contrasts nicely with the lighter wash of the jeans. Personally I don't think ripped jeans will ever go out of style, it just depends on the wash and fit of the jeans.

[This outfit is 100% thrifted! :-)]

Thrifted items; blazer: H&M $9.99 (Crossroads Trading Co,) sweater: Ann Taylor Loft $10, (Goodwill,) *jeans: Vigoss $10 - $5 (Crossroads Trading Co,) *booties: American Eagle $12.99 - $1.29 (Goodwill.)

Well that's all for today. I hope you enjoyed this edition. Remember, don't be afraid to experiment and reinvent your wardrobe (or style for that matter!) Stop by the blog again soon for more style tips. See you next time!


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