Friday, April 25, 2014

Stepping Into Spring With A Splash Of Color!

E here, I hope that you've been soaking up the sun as much as I have lately. Today my sister and I spent the afternoon at the beach. She snapped this great candid shot of me. As I've mentioned in previous posts, now that the weather is getting warmer, so are my clothes! The name of my blog is Elizabeth Reinvented and I talk a lot about reinventing your wardrobe, and more specifically your style. One easy way to reinvent your style is to start fresh, and what better time to do that than now that the weather is transitioning. Time to shed those winter layers ladies!
I'm not the kind of person that needs everything to match exactly by color. I don't necessarily like things to be matchy-matchy, in fact I find that to be overcompensating. Personally, I like to play around with prints and colors and create something that's a little funky and different. For this look I went all out, taking one of my favorite floral prints and pairing it with colorful mint jeans.
Remember a year ago when the color "pistachio" (mint) was all the rage? Well its funny because this year mint was an "it color" again, (except that this time it was revamped as "spearmint.") When wearing colorful jeans such as these it can be hard to pair it with other pieces that don't clash. As I mentioned earlier in this post, I don't like outfits to be too matchy-matchy, but at the same time you want everything to balance out. Here, I made sure that all of the colors were more or less in the same color family so that they wouldn't clash too much, but rather compliment each other. I think that all of the different hues of blue and green balance nicely together.
The final touch to the overall look? The jean jacket. For this outfit I wanted to create a fun and colorful casual look. What I love about this jean jacket is that it ties the ensemble together by serving as a contrast between the floral print and the colorful jeans and accessories.
These flats were an awesome find that I picked up at Crossroads Trading Co. Funny thing is that they are Jenifer Lopez. Who knew?! I love the color blocking and gold detailing.
Thrifted items; floral tank: Forever 21 $3.99 (Goodwill,) flats: Jenifer Lopez $9.99 (Crossroads Trading Co.) Non-thrifted items; mint jeans: JCPenny's $20, jean jacket: Nordstrom BP $25, necklace: GNW $4.99 (Fred Meyer.) *Sunglasses: Ray Bans
A beautiful view of the beach with the sound in the background.

I love this picture because it looks like the turtles are posing for the camera. Work it!

[Ducks doing what else......sitting!]

I think what I enjoy most about this particular beach is the wildlife that you get to see up close and personal. Unfortunately I didn't venture down onto the beach to get shots of the sea life, but I promise that I will snap some shots the next time I head to the beach.
The telephoto on the camera that I was using was amazing! I think that the seagull kind of adds to the photo don't you?
 Since it was a clear, sunny day I was able to get a great shot of the Olympic mountains off in the distance. I think that perhaps this is my favorite thing about living in the Pacific Northwest, that I am surrounded by nature. For that reason I don't think that I could live anywhere else! That's all for today, please come by again soon. Happy Friday!


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