Saturday, May 3, 2014

Saturday Date: Finding Nemo [Pt. 1]


E here, I was fortunate enough to score a rare weekend day off with my husband, and what better way to spend our time together than to take a trip to the aquarium. I enjoy going down to the waterfront this time of year because the weather is nice. I don't get to go to downtown too often, so I was excited to take in all the sights. There are so many great attractions to enjoy on the waterfront: the Aquarium, the ferris wheel, and of course Pike Place Market. 

Behind me is the Seattle Great Wheel. We didn't go on it today, but we went on it last year when it first opened. It offers breathtaking views of the Puget Sound and downtown Seattle. I highly recommend it if you aren't afraid of heights! The gondolas are large and can hold several people, and are also climate controlled which makes for a more enjoyable experience.

A lot of the animals were out in full force today soaking up the sunshine and just generally hamming it up for the tourists! My favorite exhibit? It's so hard to choose, but I'd have to say that the new harbor seal exhibit was definitely in my top three. 

They are just so darn cute! Not to mention they are really entertaining to watch! I love the way that they zoom around the pool as if they're putting on a show, or how they bob up and down like a buoy. 

Another exhibit in my top three is the octopus tank. What I love about the octopus tank is that it is designed in such a way that allows you to get really close and observe it. I learned something new about octopuses today. Apparently an octopus has the ability to remember a face! I already knew that octopuses were intelligent creatures, but I didn't know that about them. Pretty remarkable right?

My final top three exhibit is the underwater dome. The underwater dome is one of my favorite parts of the aquarium because it's as if you're actually in the ocean observing all the fish. A lot of aquariums offer similar exhibits that you can walk through, but what's spectacular about this one is that the aquarium is built on the pier right above the ocean so you get the feeling that you're truly in it! Unfortunately I couldn't get a picture of the big glass windows that make up the dome because it was so crowded, but the picture above is a shot of the top of the dome. What's cool about this picture is that the scuba diver on the other side of the glass was talking to us about how cold the water was, and all the fish that he was swimming with. Talk about a fun and interactive exhibit!

The title of this post is finding Nemo, so I thought it would be be appropriate to end with the famous clownfish. I have to say that the clownfish is just as cute in real life as the titular character in the Disney Pixar movie. It's really funny to see the reaction that kids get when they see the clownfish and go look it's Nemo! Their faces truly light up with excitement it's so adorable!

Thrifted items; trench: Gap $20 (Crossroads Trading Co,) jeans: American Eagle $5.99 (Goodwill,) booties: Emiko Kamishima $27 (Buffalo Exchange.) Non-thrifted items; tank top: Love by Design $5 (Fred Meyer,) sunglasses: Sperry Top Sider $25 (Nordstrom Rack,) Octopus necklace: $10 Fuego.


The great thing about these booties is that they are very versatile and go with just about anything. Plus they make really comfortable walking shoes.

Going to the aquarium gave me the perfect excuse to wear my octopus necklace. It's a really unique piece and I don't often have an occasion to wear it. I love collecting unique, one of a kind pieces for my wardrobe. I picked up this particular piece at Fuego. Well that's all for this edition. Check back tomorrow for part deux of my Saturday date where I'll discuss the market, and give you some recommendations on the best places to eat.
Happy Saturday!

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