Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Viva Las Vegas - Day Four: Casual Chic [Pt. 1]


E here, this is the final segment of my Vegas vacation fashion series. For today's look, I aimed for a casual chic feel. All it takes is a few key pieces to give an outfit that extra oomph. Here, I added a colorful statement necklace to bring out the bright colors of the floral top. I love to experiment with different types of prints in my wardrobe, but my favorite type of print to wear is floral. What I love about floral print is that it looks good with just about anything, and is flattering on virtually any body type. Depending on how adventurous you're feeling, you can pick more bold and colorful prints like the one that I'm wearing here.
To balance out the bold hues of the print, I paired it with a lighter toned pleather skirt. The texture of the pleather skirt goes well with the floral print of the tank. When mixing prints and textures you don't want to overdue it and put pieces together that might clash. I prefer to keep it simple, and stick to a more classic look. 
Thrifted items; floral tank: Forever 21 $3.99 (Goodwill,) belt: $3.99 (Value Village.)
Non-thrifted items; skirt: Joe B $10 (Fred Meyer,) loafers: Pink & Pepper $15 (Fred Meyer,) necklace: $7.99 (Fred Meyer,) cardigan:$10 (Nordstrom Rack.)

-Zara Finds-
[Blouse: $35, bracelet: $16]
Speaking of classic style, for my final shopping venture at the Fashion Show mall, I went to Zara with a mission in mind to snag some basic staples. What's great about these items is that they are timeless pieces, and will make great additions to my wardrobe. I wear the bracelet with just about everything now! It has quickly become one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. As for the blouse, its chic and cutting edge at the same time. The print has a timeless feel to it, but as the same time, the cut and fabric of the blouse itself is very modern and sleek.

[The runway at the Fashion Show mall in Las Vegas]

My shopping tips:
1.)  Shop with key items in mind; shopping can be overwhelming so I like to go with key items in mind. Rather than mindlessly shopping, I try to stay on mission so that I don't end up overspending and having buyer's remorse later. By sticking to a plan and shopping for specific items you will end up only adding items that you need to your wardrobe.
2.) Shop with the long-term in mind; as I've mentioned previously, when choosing clothing or shoes it's essential to pick items that you will get maximum use value out of. For me, price is not a key factor. [After all, half of my wardrobe was thrifted!] Rather, the important component is whether or not you will get a return on your investment in the long-term.
3.) Make decisions based on your own personal taste, not on trends; it can be easy to get caught up on the latest trends, but the question that should be lingering in the back of your mind is whether or not that trend truly suits you? [Let's be honest, crop tops and patterned leggings are not for everyone.] When the dust settles and a trend goes out of style, are you going to end up a fashion victim?

These are all important factors to keep in mind when going shopping, especially when on vacation. Stay tuned for the final photos of my evening outfits from my Vegas adventure.  

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