Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Viva Las Vegas - Day Two: Shopping Spree

E here, I'm moving onto day two of the vacation fashion series from my Vegas trip. As I mentioned in my last post, it's essential to only pack items that you will get maximum use value out of. Take this outfit for instance, the loafers that I'm wearing are comfortable for long days of walking. Furthermore, they are quite stylish and can be worn with jeans and a tank, or with a dress like I'm wearing here. After all, the lighter your suitcase is, the more new clothes and shoes you can buy! [There is nothing wrong with splurging on vacation.]
Thrifted items: dress: Betsey Johnson $7.99 (Goodwill,) cardigan: Banana Republic $7.99 (Goodwill,) purse: $5.99 (Goodwill.) Non-thrifted items; loafers: Pink & Pepper $15 (Fred Meyer.)

As I said, there is nothing wrong with splurging a little on vacation, especially when in Vegas! [Wink, wink.] I have to say, I was pretty excited to embark on a shopping spree because of all the great shopping centers located within a two mile radius on the strip. It seems like every casino that you go into has its own mini mall. I was especially excited because there are a lot of stores in Vegas that we don't have here. Which store was I most excited for? It was a close tie between Topshop and Zara. We just had a grand opening for a Zara store here in Seattle, but I haven't had a chance to make it over there yet. Topshop has become pretty popular on this side of the pond recently.
When it comes to shopping, I always try to find the best deals for my money. I'll be honest, whether I'm shopping at a thrift store or at the mall, I always opt for the salesclearance racks. I wouldn't call myself "cheap" (I prefer thriftnista,) it's just that sale prices are more appealing to me. Besides, I always find the most unique and interesting pieces on the sale rack.

Take this dress for example, it was originally $52 and I only paid $30 for it. The necklace was originally $30 and I got it for $15. Voila, the perfect outfit for a night out on the town. Not bad for Topshop right? 

As for the purse, it was a pretty good deal considering how much quality leather purses go for these days. Personally, Dooney and Bourke is one of my favorite brands. I love the classic, retro feel of their purses. I always feel like I get my money's worth with their products because they last forever. Stay tuned for more photos and trip details. Until next time.

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