Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Viva Las Vegas - Day Three: Flower Child [Pt. 2]



E here, part deux of day three required two outfit changes; one for Beatles Love, and the other for  Chippendales. When packing for this particular vacation, I had to consider all of the different things that I would be doing both in the day time, and in the evening. I don't know about you, but I'm the kind of person that likes to plan outfits ahead of time. Its much easier to have outfits picked out in advance so that you don't end up over packing. I narrowed down what items to pack (dresses, shoes, accessories, etc.) based on what I would be doing. 

 In this case, I wanted something fun and playful to wear to the Beatles show (pictured above.) Since the title of the show is "Beatles Love" I thought it would be fitting to go with a retro, Mod inspired look, and what says that better than flower child! I think that the crème de la crème of this look is the charming floral headband. Recently, headbands such as the one that I'm wearing have come back into style. You've probably seen pictures of celebrities like Lana Del Ray and Taylor Swift donning headbands. I picked this one up at Forever 21 for $4.99.
Thrifted items; black wedges: Aldo $12.99 (Goodwill,) purse: $5.99 (Goodwill.) Non-thrifted items; floral print dress: Love by Design $15 (Fred Meyer,) cardigan: $10 (Nordstrom Rack,) floral headband: $4.99 (Forever 21.)
Thrifted items; black wedges: Aldo $12.99 (Goodwill,) purse: $5.99 (Goodwill.) Non-thrifted items; black dress: $30 (Topshop,) necklace: $15 (Topshop,) floral headband: $4.99 (Forever 21.)
As for the Chippendales show I went for something a little bit more understated. So how does one determine what to wear to an occasion such as this? Well, you can never go wrong with a little black dress. While others might go for a more daring look, I opted for something a bit more classic. I didn't have a lot of time to change between the Beatles show and this one, so I picked something that was versatile and comfortable. Also, the headband complimented the dress, and added a playful touch to the overall look. That's all for this segment. Next time I'll detail my final shopping trip.        

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