Thursday, March 6, 2014

**Late Post: Army & Pinstripes**

E here, sorry it's been so long since my last post. :-( As I've mentioned before, I am in retail management so my schedule tends to be pretty hectic. Also, I just got back from vacation. [Lots of great outfit photos from that trip coming soon.] If you follow me on Instagram you know that this post is long overdue, so here it is finally! 

What I love about this outfit is the versatility of it. The fun thing about fashion is that you can take clothes and create a look that is unique to you alone. Don't get me wrong, I do follow the current trends, but at the same time I like to put my own spin on things. What I tried to do here; is take the army inspired piece and mix it with more casual pieces, so as to try and downplay its more rigid, masculine features, and make it appear more feminine and stylish. The trick to pulling off any army inspired look, is to try and deflect the rigid, uniform appearance of the piece, and make it seem more modern and stylish. While the jacket offers warmth and comfort, it also adds a sort of rugged-chic feel to the outfit. The best part? I only paid $22.50 for it, and its original tags were still attached for $115.00. If you think that's a great deal, read below to see what other amazing finds I scored.
Thrifted items; jeans; Else $9.99 (Goodwill,) pinstripe button down: Gap $10.50 (Crossroads Trading Co,) army jacket: Ricki's $22.50 (Crossroads Trading Co,) *boots: American Eagle $12.99 - $.129 (Goodwill.)
These boots are cute aren't they? Can you guess how much I paid for them? [Hint: under $5.] That's right, the boots were under $5! I paid a whole $1.29 for the boots which were practically new. Its funny because whenever I wear the boots and people ask me how much I paid for them, no one believes me! Even some of the employees at the Goodwill that I purchased them from were shocked that I found such a fabulous deal. I'll admit, I tend to have pretty good luck at Goodwill on $1.29 days, but I have to say that this is the best $1.29 find, (perhaps Goodwill find of all time!)
I'm telling you, thrifting is the way to go! Are you convinced yet? If not, stick with me and I'll give you tips and advice on how you can nab fabulous deals for yourself. It's quite simply really. First; find out what thrift stores are located in your area, second: do some quick research and see what stores are top-rated, or have the most reviews. I tend to be a Goodwill/Value Village girl, but I also love to check out smaller, private thrift stores/boutiques as well. After all, you never know what gems you might come across! A lot of times, the places that appear to be small, sort of stereotypical "hole's in the wall," turn out to be quite interesting. Every time I check out a new neighborhood, or visit another state I always check to see if there are thrift stores nearby. Make sure to come back again soon, I'm going to embark on a thrifting challenge with a friend and show you just how easy it is. Well that's all for today. See you next time!

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