Monday, May 5, 2014

Thrift Haul: Goodwill

E here, I thought that it would be fun to do a thrift haul since I talk a lot about the great deals that I find at Goodwill. Along with my blogger bestie Sara, we spent an entire afternoon tackling one rack at a time with one of our good friends who is also an avid thrifter. Between the three of us, we managed to fill one shopping cart. It was a good trip for all of us! Without any further adieu, here is the second half of the thrift haul, (Sara posted the first half on her blog.) I've attached the link to her blog at the end of this post.


My Tips:
1.) Avoid the "fashion focus" section because it tends to be overpriced. You can still find great designer/brand name labels in the rest of the store.
2.) Find out what the color tag special for the day is, (or the manager's special,) because you can get a better deal on those items than others. [i.e. pink tags for 50%, or green tags for a $1.29 on Monday's.] 3.) Grab everything that catches your eye because you can always make your final selections later. There's no guarantee that if you don't grab an item, you can find it later! Trust me, I've passed on an item and regretted it later.
4.) Finally, avoid lines at the fitting room by trying on what you can in front of a mirror. This means dressing appropriately (wear a tank/shirt so that you can slip on other clothes, jeans/pants, and shoes that are easy to take on and off.)

Pictured from the back left; green blouse: Mossimo $4.99, black peplum: Philip Lim $4.99, sequin dot blouse: Merona $5.99, pink sleeveless blouse: Xhiliration $3.99, tye-dye tank: Soprano $4.99, print tee: With A Tourist $3.99, Sam Edelman flats $3.99 (the only item from Value Village).

I really scored on these flats. This is the third pair of Sam Edelman's that I've thrifted! Talk about good luck!
I love all the details on this tank from the rhinestones and pearls, right down to the flower. Typically I don't go for pink, but every girl loves a little sparkle right? Its definitely one of the more feminine and flirty items that I picked up on this trip.
What's great about this blouse is the dimension. As I mentioned in the haul, this is another brand new Target brand item. All in all, I walked away with four brand new Target tops. Not bad! Well thanks for stopping by, if you'd like to hear about the haul from Sara's perspective and see what great items she got, here is the link to her blog The Blonde Squad. Remember the first half of the haul video is on her page if you want to see it from the beginning.

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