Monday, November 25, 2013

A Lovely Day at the Marina

E here. Another beautiful Seattle afternoon. My husband and I decided to take a stroll on a marina near our house since the weather was nice. One thing I love about living in Seattle is being surrounded by water. I don't think that I could ever live anywhere that wasn't near the ocean.

Perhaps its because I grew up near the ocean, but I enjoy the convenience of living merely minutes away from the water. I love everything about the ocean; the smell of it, the vastness, but most of all, the freedom and tranquility that it embodies. There's something humbling about the ocean.

As you may have noticed, I practically live in my trench coat. The weather is often chilly and wearing a longer jacket offers more warmth. Not to mention the fact that wearing a trench provides a far more stylish alternative to the typical northwest jacket of choice - the North Face. Don't get me wrong, I own several North Face jackets, but its nice to mix up your collection every once in a while.
Thrifted items; trench: Tommy Hilfiger $10, cashmere sweater: Esperante $7. Non-thrifted items; scarf: $10 (Chicago souvenir shop,) jeans: JCPenny's $20, oxfords: Pink & Pepper (Fred Meyer) $10, sunglasses: Sperry's $30, purse: Dooney & Bourke (gifted.) My lipstick: Maybelline, "brazen berry."

That's all for today. Happy Monday! I hope you enjoyed the pictures. See you next time!

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