Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Adventures In Puddle Jumping


E, here. As a Seattleite, I've grown accustomed to the rain. In fact, I really don't mind rainy days because it means that I get to wear my new Hunters and a trench coat. Besides, rainy days serve as  the perfect excuse for going thrifting! I mean what better way to spend your day off? Just grab a coffee and lunch at your favorite café then head to Goodwill or Value Village after (or both.) Sounds pretty darn good to me!
 I grew up watching classic movies, and I have a particular penchant for musicals. So when I step outside on a rainy day, I feel compelled to jump and skip through puddles as if I was with Gene Kelly in Singing in the Rain. Of course I never do this, otherwise people would be like who is that crazy girl jumping through puddles! But I will admit that I did test out my new Hunters in a puddle or two. I had to break them in after all!

My friend (and partner in crime when it comes to thrifting,) Nicole is wearing a fur lined coat and rabbit fur boots. What's great about her outfit is not only is her jacket very stylish, but its also very practical and keeps you warm during chilly days.
If tall rain boots aren't your thing, try wearing fur lined rain/snow booties like Nicole is wearing. Aside from keeping your feet warm and dry, the fur accents add just a little bit of flair to any fall/winter outfit.

I love walking around my neighborhood this time of year because it's so festive and bright. It's fun to look at the interesting window displays that stores create for the holiday season. I don't know what it is about this time of year, but its like the whole neighborhood comes alive.
I walked through some serious puddles and didn't have to think twice about it! 
Thrifted items; trench coat: Tommy Hilfiger $10, hounds tooth skirt: Debut $7, shirt: Halogen $4. Non-thrifted items; scarf: D&Y $5 (Fred Meyer,) leggings: One Step Up $7, (Fred Meyer,) rain boots: Hunter-gifted (Nordstrom.)
Looking forward to more rainy day adventures!
Until next time, E.


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