Monday, December 16, 2013

Experimenting With Prints

E here, its been quite a few days since my last post. I don't know about you, but I've been pretty busy getting ready for the holidays. Its been all hustle and bustle at work, so trying to pick the right outfit to wear is difficult when your in a hurry. As I mentioned in a previous post, once you have figured out what styles and textures/prints look good on your body, knowing what to wear is a cinch. Here, I experimented with mixing two different prints. The scarf matches the jacket, and the animal print is black and white so it doesn't clash too much with the plaid.
Several of the items that I'm wearing I picked up on my last thrifting trip. Check back soon for the details. As you know, the title of my blog is "Elizabeth Reinvented" (with particular emphasis on the reinvention.) The great thing about thrifting is that you can take an item whether its the jacket that I'm wearing, or the boots, and make them your own, essentially reinventing them so to speak. I like to mix my thrifted items with my other clothes and create new, unique outfits. Most of the time when I tell people that the designer boots or jacket that I'm wearing I thrifted from Goodwill or got from selling clothes at Crossroads they don't believe me. That's the great thing about thrifting, no one can tell your thrifted clothes from your new clothes!
Thrifted items; green trench coat: Calvin Klein $24.97 (Goodwill,) animal print blouse: Ann Taylor Loft $7.99 (Goodwill,) boots: Sam Edelman $19.99, (Goodwill.) Non-thrifted items; jeans: Levi's $25 (JCPenny's,) plaid scarf: Softer Than Cashmere $4.99 (Fred Meyer.)
Out of all my recent thrift finds, I think these boots are my favorite! Talk about a steal! They go with just about anything, and they are incredibly comfy. The great thing about booties is that you can wear them with anything from jeans, to a skirt with tights, or a dress.
That's all for now. I hope you enjoy this festive time of year with your friends and family. Until next time.

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