Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Final Thrift Haul of 2013!

Pictured from right; purple cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft $7.99, booties: Sam Edelman $19.99, jacket: Calvin Klein $24.97, shoes: Merona $5.99, print blouse: $7.99.
E here, before we ring in the new year I had to do one last thrift haul. I know its long overdue, so its only fitting that I do it before the new year! All of the items in this haul I acquired from two different trips to Goodwill. As I have mentioned in previous thrift posts, shopping at Goodwill is hit or miss, but I have found that it is simply a matter of diligence. If you have the patience to take the time to look through racks and bins you can find great deals. For instance, some of the items that I found on this haul I merely spotted last minute. The Sam Edelman boots pictured below were sitting in a bin full of shoes as my friend and I were leaving the dressing room when they caught my eye. So you see, it is simply a matter of keeping your eyes peeled!
When it comes to shopping for shoes at thrift stores it is important to inspect them for any noticeable wear, damage, or flaws before buying them. The reason that I emphasize this is because some thrift stores have a strict "all sales are final policy." This is also typical of flea markets, estate sales, and garage sales where returning items is obviously impossible. I have never had any problems with shoes that I've purchased from sales or thrift stores, I simply say it out of caution.
What I love about these booties is that they are so versatile and look great with just about any outfit. Much to my husband's discord my boot collection continues to grow! I have never been a tennis shoe kind of girl, I have always preferred boots, flats, sandals, heels, etc. Personally, I find boots and flats to be far more comfortable and ascetically pleasing. Not to mention the fact that boots give me a bit of a lift! When you are shorter like myself, a heeled boot can give you a little extra height.
You may recognize this jacket as I have worn it several times already. A girl can never have enough jackets! The one below was a real gem to find as its vintage!

Blouse: Ann Taylor Loft $7.99, fur coat: Frederick & Nelson jacket: $12.99.
Well that's all I have for now, check back soon for thrifting tips and styling advice. Happy thrifting!

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