Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Letting My Inner Biker Chick Out!

E here, as the weather gets colder its time to kiss those lighter clothes and flats goodbye, and trade them in for heavier clothes and boots. As much as I love my cute skirts, dresses, and flats, I think I love my fall/winter wardrobe more! As I mentioned before in a previous post, I really like experimenting with layers. Besides, I have a serious boot addiction!
I really do love a good pair of boots, but I also have an affinity for jackets; whether it's a trench, a blazer, or drumroll.....a motorcycle jacket. In addition to shoes, or great accessories, jackets add that finishing touch to an outfit. In this case, the motorcycle jacket was the focal point of the look that I was going for. When I think of a motorcycle jacket, that iconic image of James Dean wearing a black, leather motorcycle jacket comes to mind. He looked so cool and so stylish in the jacket, which was the inspiration for this look. After all, you have to let your inner badass, biker chick out sometimes right?
The thing about wearing black is you have to know just how to pair it with the right pieces and accessories so it doesn't end up looking too gothic. Personally, I wear a lot of black! I don't know why, but whenever I go shopping I'm always drawn to black. There's something about black that is just so sleek and classic. Not to mention the fact that black always make you appear thinner!
Thrifted items; motorcycle jacket: Express $27.50 (Crossroads Trading Co,) boots: Steve Madden $22.50 (Crossroads Trading Co.) Non-thrifted items; jeans: JCPenny's $25, skull scarf $20 (Nordstrom,) Sheer blouse: Forever 21.
That's all for today. Please stop by again soon! Make sure to bundle up those thrifted duds as the weather gets chillier.

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