Thursday, December 12, 2013

Layering 101: Polka Dots & Neutrals

E here, as the weather gets colder its essential to start layering up in order to stay warm. Not sure how to master the layering method? I have a few suggestions for how to stay warm and still create cute outfits. First of all, it is important to figure out what styles and fits of clothing work for your body type specifically.
Thrifted items; polka dot trench coat: Gap $20 (Crossroads Trading Co,) ruffle blouse: Ann Taylor Loft $4 (Goodwill.) Non-thrifted items; jeans: Levi's $30 (Macy's,) oxfords: Pink & Pepper $10 (Fred Meyer,) scarf: $8 H&M (not pictured.)
For example, do you prefer fitted tops like the Loft blouse that I paired with skinny jeans, or perhaps a loose fitting tunic and leggings is more your style? Whatever your style preference is, you next need to build upon it with a warm jacket such as a trench coat (my personal favorite,) and accessories such as a scarf or a hat.
The trick to layering is to pick items that compliment each other; either in color, texture, or contrast. What I did here, was I took delicate ruffles and paired it against polka dots to create a soft, feminine look that creates a balanced contrast in texture. If you're going to layer contrasting textures you want to make sure that one offsets the other in a flattering manner.
You can probably tell by now that I love scarves! During this time of year I tend to wear scarves almost everyday. Scarves are perfect for layering with outfits because they add a little something extra. Besides scarves, I like to add chunky rings and statement jewelry for that extra bit of flair.
My friend was kind enough to humor me and pose for the camera. We grew up together, and naturally we thrift together! I mean friends that thrift together stay together right?! Speaking of thrifting together, we recently went on a thrifting mission at Goodwill to find the perfect outfit to wear to the concert of the king of thrift shopping himself - the one and only Macklemore! Check back soon for details on the success of our shopping mission, and see what we end up wearing to the concert tonight.
Sarah is wearing a D&Y scarf from Fred Meyer that I gave her for Christmas, and a comfy, yet stylish casual wear look.
This time of year the weather is fairly nippy and windy, but fortunately we don't get dumped on with snow like the rest of the country does so you just need to dress in several layers. Sarah's layered outfit is a great because it offers warmth and protection from the extremities, yet its still very stylish.
Great shot of my friend's boots that she nabbed on Black Friday. Cute aren't they? The girl's got good  taste! Boots always serve as a great addition to any outfit.
That's it for now, please stop by again soon. I have several upcoming posts documenting my thrifted finds and adventures with my friend during her visit in town. Until next time!