Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What I Bought: Tips for Success


E here, as you have probably realized by now I am quite the avid thrifter and I take pride in my thrifting abilities. Like other thriftnistas, I have a knack for scoring great brands for cheap; whether its by means of thrifting, or selling and buying clothes at recycled clothing stores, or simply on a clearance rack at a retail store. Almost 85% of my wardrobe is thrifted, or I bought it at 50% - 75 %  off in a store. While most people are deterred by the thought of rummaging through racks of other people's used clothing, I look at it as the thrill of the hunt!

Everything you see pictured was: a) bought as a result of selling/trading @ Crossroads Trading Co, b) thrifted from my local Goodwill. Total cost? I only had to pay for about $35 worth of the Crossroads trade(s) (I sold at 2 separate locations.) As for the Goodwill items I got several of the items on the green tag special which was $1.29 (I will discuss how to shop Goodwill tag specials later in this post,) for a grand total of about $40. [The Goodwill total also includes housewares not pictured.]
Price breakdown of traded/thrifted items: 
Crossroads Trading Co.
1. Gap trench coat: $20
2. Beige Gap jacket*: originally $18.50, 50% off - $9.25
3. Express motorcycle jacket: $27.50
4.Steve Madden boots: $22.50
5. BCBG Generation dress: $16.50
6. Nautical sweater: $12.50


I absolutely love the details of this jacket; from the zippered sleeves to the zippered chest, and the detailing of the white collar flaps, the overall look is sleek and polished - giving the classic motorcycle style a modern makeover. Express tends to put out fairly high quality clothing, and this monochromatic motorcycle jacket is a good example. I was ecstatic when I saw it, and couldn't believe that no one had snatched it up yet! Just my luck I guess. I think out of all my loot, this jacket was my by far my favorite find.

Another trench to add to my collection - check! The best part? Its hooded!

A girl can never have enough boots right? I agree!

One thing to keep in mind when shopping at recycled clothing stores like Buffalo Exchange or Crossroads Trading Co, is that there is always a markdown rack. Almost any store that you go into, whether its a department store, boutique, or a recycled clothing store will have a sale rack of items that are periodically marked down to make room for new arrivals, or items that are damaged/defective. I have found great deals this way because an item will be marked "as is" due to a snag, or scuff. This dress for example had a small stain on it, but nothing that a tide pen can't take out.
1. Betsey Johnson dress: $7.99
2.Forever 21 dress: $5.99
3. Vigoss jeans: $5.99
4. Beige Ann Taylor sweater: $7.99
5. Loft heart cardigan: $4.99
6. Forever 21 tank*: $5.99 - $1.29
7.Old Navy tank: $4.99

As I mentioned earlier in this post, Goodwill has weekly tag specials in which you can get items for half off, (or in this case for $1.29.) Unique to Goodwill stores, every day of the week is a color tag special (except for senior discount day) and "the manager's special" where a particular type of item is on sale (i.e. - 20% off jeans.) You can find out what the daily tag special is on the Goodwill website, or in store where it is posted on every other rack, and is also announced on the intercom.
I don't typically go for zippered dresses, but this Betsey Johnson dress was absolutely adorable and was such a great price that I couldn't pass it up!

 Hopefully, based on what you've seen here I can convince all of you thrifting skeptics out there that you can find quality, designer, brand name clothing for great low prices. Thanks for stopping by! Check back soon for more tips.
Happy thrifting!

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